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Colorado-Based Vegan Businesses

We have so much love for vegan businesses, and Colorado has some great ones! These folks are all vegan, all the time, and they deserve your support:

Baba's Falafel
All over!, Denver
Baba's is an all-vegan falafel truck that features deep fried falafel cones, spicy nachos, falafeldillas (yeah, you heard right), as well as killer vegan tahini sauce, and their own hummus. Check out their calendar,Facebook, or Twitter to see where they are. 
Updated 1/15/13.

Beet Box
Arvada (no storefront)
Beet Box is a 100% vegan bakery that provides delicious baked goods to coffee shops and cafes, and will do custom orders for your home or office events. Among other spots, you can find their stuff at Pablo’s CoffeeWash PerkParis on the PlatteSweet Action Ice CreamCrema Coffee HouseHooked on Colfax, and Yellow Feather Coffee. Or you can order from them directly.
Updated 7/13/12.

Logs of joy.

Cows Gone Coconut
Denver (no storefront)
Cows Gone Coconut makes yummy, coconut-based ice cream right in Denver. And they have Coffee, which is the very best flavor of ice cream and sometimes hard to find vegan. Get CGC at Denver-area Whole Foods Markets, Marczyk Fine Foods, Alfalfa's, and Lucky's Market. 

Denver Seitan Company
Denver (no storefront)
Denver Seitan Company makes damn good seitan, the kind that you can just slice up and put on crackers. They have a variety of flavors, including Chickenesque (our favorite) and Sureizo, and they've some other varieties in the works (gluten free seitan, anyone?). You can get their stuff CSA style, or find it at the soon-to-open Nooch Vegan Market. If you want someone else to cook it for you, visit Marquis Pizza or Vegan Van
Updated 7/13/12. 

JJ's Sweets (aka Cocomels!)
Boulder (no storefront)
Boulder-based JJ's Sweets makes Cocomels, which are coconut-milk base caramels, and arguably one of the best vegan candies out there. Cocomels come chocolate-covered or in sweet, chewy little caramel sticks, in flavors like vanilla, java, and sea salt. The chocolate covered sea salt Cocomels are killer. Just killer. You can find them in select stores, or order directly online
Updated 7/13/12.  

Julia's Kitchen
4557 Broadway, Boulder
All-vegan, organic, and gluten free restaurant with daily specials and a seasonal menu. They also do birthday cakes!
Updated 1/17/13.  

Mars Bakery
Arvada (no storefront)
Mars is an all-vegan bakery that sets up shop at the Sunday farmers' market in Olde Town Arvada, and has a few outlets around the metro area, including Edgewater Coffee Company in Edgewater. They do vegan sweets and baked goods to order, including vegan wedding cakes!
Updated 6/3/12.  

Uh huh, oh yeah. Chocolate covered sea salt Cocomels. Nooch Vegan Market
3360 Larimer Street, Denver
Nooch is Denver's all-vegan grocery! They've got a ton of hard-to-find vegan specialty items, as well as snack foods and kitchen basics like olive oil, pasta, and some produce. 
Updated 1/15/13. 

Ritual Chocolate
Denver (no storefront)
Ethical, vegan and delicious is how we like our chocolate, and Ritual has it all. They make organic, direct-trade, dark chocolate that is damn good. Get it through their online store, or visit Crema Coffee, Chocolate Spokes Bike Shop, or Nooch Vegan Market. 
Updated 7/13/12.  

Source Juice Co. 
Denver (no storefront)
Source Juice is vegan owned and operated, and makes freshly pressed, raw, organic bottled juice that is so good, and good for you. Order from them online, or find them at Neat Market.
Updated 7/14/12.  

Vegan Van
All over Denver!
Vegan Van is an all-vegan food truck with really, really good food. Menu items include the Ludacris (Denver Seitan Co. Chickenesque with Great Divide Double IPA waffles), the Superfly (adobo jackfruit, avocado cilantro pesto, roasted plantains with cumin rice) and the Planet Rock (spicy toffufalo wings, ranch celery-slaw on a roll). Go get some!
Updated 7/13/12. 

Wax Wing Catering
Loveland (no storefront)
Wax Wing is a vegan meal service that will deliver right to your door! Check them out on Facebook.
Updated 7/13/12.  

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Recipe Roundup: Comfort Food!

Inspired by our weekly snowstorms, here are some tasty, toasty recipes to soothe your soul:

Individual Tofu and Vegetable Pot Pies from The Kitchn

Vegan Fried Chicken from C'est La Vegan

Scalloped Potatoes and Eggplant Bacon from Post Punk Kitchen

Crispy Potato Wedges from cake maker to the stars 

Two comfort foods in one: Mac and Cheese Pizza from Easy Vegan

Vegetarian Pho from The Kitchn

Apple Pumpkin Spice Donuts from the dude who always knows just what you want, Vegan Dad

Pumpkin Spice Sticky Bread from Oh, Ladycakes

Coconut Hot Chocolate Fudge from The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur

Chocolate Pumpin Loaf from Post Punk Kitchen

Dandies Bars (homemade vegan candy bars!) from Three and a Half Vegans



Cocomels + Vegans BFF (Plus a giveway!)

Six months ago I was standing in line at the grocery store (I won't say which, but let's just say it rhymes with mole moods), and right there in the impulse buy section were these chocolate covered salted caramels. Outside of a few awkward Thanksgiving dinners, my veganism has never felt like a bummer. But in that moment, I wanted those caramels more than anything. They were beautiful and perfect and had the prettiest little sprinkle of sea salt on top, and I was crushed that they weren't vegan. I vowed to get better at candy making, paid my $80 for six things, and forgot about the caramels after a few days. 

And then last month, we were on a Vegan Coloradical reconnaissance mission to Sun Deli in Boulder (somebody's got to take pictures of all the vegan pizza in this state), and there were these cute little wrapped caramels right by the register. They looked like this:

I assumed they weren't vegan, so we left the pizza joint and wandered down Pearl Street in search of dessert. We stopped in at the Laughing Goat hoping for cookies, and they had the same little caramels on top of the pastry case. Plus, they had these:

That's right. All vegan, baby.

And they had VEGAN! in big friendly letters right on the package. They are called Cocomels, and they are awesome. The caramels come in original, fleur de sel, vanilla, and java, and the chocolate covered caramels come in original, fleur de sel (!!!), chai, and java. If you can't find Cocomels where you live, they are absolutely worth ordering, and you can get them directly from JJ's Sweets in Boulder. They are made with coconut milk, fairy dust, and unicorn snot, and are buttery and chewy and pretty much perfect in every way. 

JJ himself was nice enough to donate a 12 pack sampler of chocolate covered Cocomels, and we want to give it to YOU. To enter, leave a comment telling us your favorite vegan candy OR the most ridiculous food item you've ever purchased on an impulse, and don't forget to leave us your email address. We will annouce a random winner on Friday. Commenting will be open until midnight (mountain time) on Thursday.

P.S. Here is what 12 chocolate covered Cocomels look like (You can even tell which one's which without having to poke a fingernail in the bottom!):

Photo from

P.P.S. Here they are, all bundled up and ready to travel:

"You know you want me."

Quick! Comment before I eat them all.