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Holy Chocomole!

I was in the mood for an afternoon snack. (Read: I wanted an excuse to eat chocolate). Since I'm half-heartedly attempting this juice cleanse (um, totes cheating for CHOMP! tonight) I thought, instead of eating the entire bag of frozen Ghirrardeli chocolate chips in my freezer, I shall be clever--I shall make something relatively healthy and disguise it with chocolate.

Cue the Hallelujah chorus and meet my snack savior: Chocomole. 

I quickly realized there is no way to make this snack look appetizing. So you'll just have to trust me.

It is described as a pudding but really is more of a mousse, and I'm wishing raspberries were in season so they and Chocomole could be friends. But I toasted up some coconut flakes and they're getting along quite nicely. And who knew avocados and cocoa powder were so tight?

The recipe is from Kris Karr's Crazy, Sexy Diet which I had been coveting for several months at Tattered Cover, before I broke my promise to myself that I wouldn't buy any more cookbooks until I had better used the ones I already had, caved, paid, and practically skipped home to use the juicer my parents bought me for my birthday the year prior for the very first time. This particular recipe makes use of avocados, cocoa powder and a few other plant-based items to make this amazing dessert. /afternoon snack. I popped a bowl in the freezer and in the meantime toasted up those coconut flakes for the top. 

Why, oh why did I wait so long to try Chocomole?


Crema break

Things were a little crazy at the office today, so I grabbed my bag and ran over to Crema for an afternoon of working remotely and actually accomplishing something. While surrounded by ridiculously good looking hipsters. Good choice. As was the yummy vegan donut and my white tea soy cambric. Perfect afternoon pick-me-up. And now it's back to work...


And now, the world. 

The first ever Vegan Drinks Denver was a great big success, and we are grateful for all the wonderful people that showed up to talk about what they're working on, or just hang out and drink delicious beer from Denver Beer Co. And speaking of Denver Beer, thanks a zillion to them for making room for us in the brew area when we showed up and there was standing room only in the bar. (We put a big sign in the main doorway, but I heard that a few people couldn't find us, and I'm sorry for that! Next time, be sure to ask the bartenders where we are.) Also, thanks to Jill at the Examiner for the glowing review!

We also had some great prizes to give away. Here's more about the folks that provided them:

  • Five Points Fermentation Company is a new, Denver-based food company that produces super tasty raw, vegan kraut, with ingredients sourced from Colorado farms. Their Soulkraut is to die for, and the Currykraut is killer for those that like a little bit of heat. In the near future, you should be able to find their products at Marczyk and Truffle Cheese Shop. Restuaranteurs should contact them directly for bulk orders. 
  • Chocolate Spokes Bike Studio is a new full service, community oriented bike shop in Denver's Five Points neighborhood. In addition to building custom frames and offering bike repair and maintenance services, Chocolate Spokes sells locally made chocolate (much of it vegan), and plant-based bike maintenance products. 
  • Denver Seitan Company is a CSA style wheat meat service! When you buy a membership, you can arrange to pick up your seitan at a Cap Hill or Wash Park location. Their seitan is really good, so go ahead and get a multi-month membership. 

The next Vegan Drinks Denver is happening on Thursday, February 16th from 7:00 - 10:00 at Denver Bicycle Cafe. This time, Vegan Van will be outside serving up dinner.

Do you have suggestions for an upcoming Vegan Drinks? Do you have a vegan product that you want to donate for the next raffle? Contact us!

(And PS: Don't forget about tomorrow's Neat Market at the Leon Gallery! This is your chance to stock up on hard-to-find vegan food items, and support local vegan vendors.)


Best Week Ever

This week is going to be a good. Two brand new, monthly, all-vegan events are making their Denver debut:

1. Vegan Drinks Denver! Hosted by Vegan Coloradical (that's us!) and our friends at Plants & Animals Denver. 

2. Neat Market! An all vegan pop-up shop with local vendors and hard-to-find vegan items (soy curls, you guys!). Thanks to the pioneers at Food Fight in Portland more their support, and thanks to Plants and Animals for putting this together. Be there!


Happy New Year to You!

The tradition of eating black-eyed peas on New Year's Day goes back a long time. Typically, they're prepared with ham bits or a ham hock, giving them a very distinct, smoky flavor, but you don't need to harm any pigs to recreate that sultry smokiness. Here are some killer New Year's Day recipes to ensure you'll have good luck for all of 2012:

Hottie Black Eyed Peas and Greens from Appetite for Reduction (photo from Babe in Soyland):

Creole Black Eyed Peas from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen:

Black-Eyed Peas from Your Vegan Mom:

Serve one of these alongside Citrus Collards with Raisins from Vegan Soul Kitchen (photo from ecoki):

To go with it, simple Vegan Cornbread from Post Punk Kitchen.

And a reminder! There are three truly excellent Denver events coming up in January:

You can learn more about these events at the Vegan Coloradical Calendar.

Happy New Year!