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Vegan Drinks Denver: Happening Thursday, 5/17

Giveaways from Sweet Action Ice Cream and Vegg. Admission is free, as always. Come drink with us!


5 Questions with Native Foods Cafe

The first Native Foods Cafe opened in Palm Springs in 1994, and for nearly 20 years they've been serving up creative, delicious, made-from-scratch vegan food at over a dozen locations in California, Chicago, and Portland. Their newest location is opening at the end of the month in Boulder, and will represent the city's only all-vegan restaurant. Native Foods' Holladay Allen answered a few questions for us, and now we're even more psyched about the newest addition to the booming vegan scene in Colorado. 

  • What's the anticipated opening date for your Boulder location?
    The Opening Date is set for May 29th. This of course is tentative until our final inspections are completed.... but so far, so great!
  • What inspired a location in Boulder?
    Boulder just seems like the perfect fit for Native Foods Cafe. Boulder is one of the most active and healthy cities in the US, and there is a strong sense of community... which really drew us there. We've received so many emails asking when are we going to open in Boulder (and Denver... stay tuned on that one :) so when the opportunity arose, it was a no-brainer! 
  • There are more commercially-made vegan substitutes available every day, and restaurants are taking advantage of them to make their menus more vegan friendly. Why does Native Foods still make items like seitan and vegan cheese in-house?
    We have come a long way in the world of vegan food in the past decade, which is so fantastic. Here at Native Foods Cafe, we want people to love food, and love the way food makes them feel. Steering towards a whole foods diet with minimal processing is the optimal choice. That is why we make our Native Tempeh, Native Seitan (7 different kinds!), and Native Cheeses in house. A great example is the Native Nachos, every ingredient is made fresh in our kitchen... and they taste amazing! You'll have to come see for yourself :)
  • What dishes should not be missed?
    Portobello & Sausage Burger, Ensalada Azteca, Rockin' Moroccan, Scorpion Burger [homemade blackened tempeh, chipotle sauce, romaine, carrots, avocado and onions], Twister Wrap
  • Is there anything else you want Colorado vegans to know?
    We want Colorado vegans to know how excited we are to be there, and can't wait to get involved in the local community! 

Native Foods will be at 1675 29th Street, Suite 1272 in Boulder. Get pumped!


Field Report: Pizza Fusion

I love that Daiya has made it possible for pizza places all over the country to offer vegan options, and I love that so many vegans love it and think it's the best thing ever. But when it comes to pizza, I am a Follow Your Heart girl through and through (that is, if there's not homemade cashew ricotta around). FYH mozz takes a bit more heat and time to melt, but when it does, it's magic. And when you leave your leftover pizza in the fridge over night, the cheese becomes one firm, delicous sheet, like it's supposed to. It wasn't until I had leftovers from Pizza Fusion that I realized I missed cold pizza for breakfast. 

Pizza Fusion (571 East Colfax, Denver) offers both FYH and Daiya on their vegan pies, and just started carrying vegan chicken as well. With a menu full of organic, locally-sourced ingredients, and plenty of vegan options (brownies, you guys!), this place is becoming one of my favorite places to get pizza. The Denver location is operated by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless as part of their job training program, and restaurant proceeds support the Coalition’s Renaissance Works program– designed to provide jobs, job training and supportive employment services for homeless individuals. 

We went last night, and I have the grainy, poorly lit pictures to prove it:

Will you look at that? The cheese is bubbly, melty, and just greasy enough. I ate the whole thing and was immediately sorry that I didn't save a piece for breakfast. 

To celebrate Earth Month, they were giving their dine-in customers samples of their raw produce. We got cherry tomatoes from Eagle Springs! I am always skeptical of Colorado tomatoes before June or July, but these were like candy. 

And finally, the booze. It's cheap and plentiful and pretty great. There was twice as much in the glass when I got it, and it was $4 and delicious:

Pizza Fusion has a great happy hour Mondays through Thursdays, 3:00 - 6:00: $3 personal cheese pizzas (FYH or Daiya, whatever your pleasure), $1 draught beers, and $3 glasses of wine. And did I mention they deliver now? Happiness is great vegan pizza that comes right to your door. Get some!

PS: For more vegan pizza, check out our Colorado Vegan Pizza Roundup. For more vegan food in Denver, check out our restaurant guide


Vegan Drinks Denver

The next Vegan Drinks Denver is happening on May 17th at The Matchbox. Admission is free, but drinks are on you. Everyone gets a free raffle ticket, and this month's prizes include a Sweet Action gift card, and Vegg! 

More details here. Come drink with us!


Food Truck Roundup

Vegan food on wheels! Here's our list of Colorado food trucks with great vegan options: 

Vegan Van
Metro Denver
We love Vegan Van. Vegan Van is your source for an all vegan menu of delicious sweet and savory treats. Visit their Facebook page or Twitter feed for location updates. 

Metro Denver
Ba-Nom-a-Nom is a food truck that offers all vegan frozen whipped fruit. It's like ice cream, okay? And it's really good. Check out their Facebook page for location updates.  

Baba's Falafel
Metro Denver
Baba's is an all-vegan falafel truck that features deep fried falafel cones, spicy nachos, falafeldillas (yeah, you heard right), as well as killer vegan tahini sauce, and their own hummus. Check out their calendarFacebook, or Twitter to see where they are. 

Basic Kneads
Metro Denver
Pizza Truck that is always willing to make you a vegan (and/or gluten free!) pie. Last time we checked, though, they weren't offering vegan cheese.  

The Crock Spot
Metro Denver
Slow cooked food to go! They always have a vegan option, and it changes frequently. Follow them on Twitter to see where they're at. 

Manna From Heaven
Metro Denver
Manna is a Denver-based food truck that offers vegan options for their banh mis, tacos, noodle dishes, and more. Grilled veggies and vegan mayo can be subbed in nearly every sandwich. Click here to view their schedule! 

OG Burgers
Metro Denver
Burger food truck with a vegan, housemade veggie burger. The buns aren't vegan, but there are plenty of awesome toppings (and fries!), for you to make a meal out of the patty.  

Quiero Arepas
Metro Denver
Food truck that features vegan arepas with black beans, plantains, and avocado (I know, right?!). Check their calendar to see where they're at.  

Rollin' Greens
This food truck has a rotating menu that offers vegan-optionable items like tempeh tacos.  

The Sesame Seed
Metro Denver
Asian truck with a menu that features items like fried tofu sandwiches with sesame peanut sauce! Schedule and menu here

Stick it to Me
Metro Denver
Food on a stick! Their vegan stick is gluten free and features seasonal veggies. Schedule here

All over!, Denver
Wafflegänger is a waffle truck that does both sweet and savory, and has great vegan options. When they park at Nooch Vegan Market they do an all-vegan menu, so look out for that!

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