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June Chomp!

This month's theme is Middle Eastern. Suggested donation is $7-10, and you're encouraged to bring your own plate and utensils. RSVP to the Facebook event!


The Ultimate Summer Cookie

It's a gorgeous day in Colorado- the perfect kind of day for no bake cookies! I love no bakes for summer time because they come together quickly for last minute potlucks and barbecues, they're great to throw in a tupperware for a hike or a picnic, and most importantly, you don't need to turn the oven on to make them. They're also great cookies to make with kids! This is my great grandmother's recipe, veganized:

No Bake Cookies

2 C sugar
1/4 C cocoa
1/2 C soymilk
1/4 C Earth Balance vegan margarine
1 t vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
1/3 C peanut butter, chunky or smooth*
3 C quick cooking oats 

Parchment paper

Spread the parchment paper out on your counter or kitchen table. In a large sauce pan, combine sugar, cocoa, soymilk, and margarine and stir over medium heat until mixture begins to bubble. Remove from heat and allow to cool for about thirty seconds. Stir in salt, vanilla, and peanut butter, and then the quick oats. Drop by teaspoons onto parchment paper and allow to cool, at least ten minutes.

*(I keep a jar of Jif around just for this recipe, but Earth Balance peanut butter works well too. You just don't want to use anything that separates very easily.)

Chocolatey peanut buttery oatmealy excellence.


5 Questions with Amie of Vegan Van

Amie Arias is repping veganism in Jeffco with Vegan Van, a Lakewood-based vegan food truck that we'll be seeing all over the metro area later this summer. She took some time away from readying her steed to answer a few questions about her upcoming contribution to the street food boom:

1. When can we expect to see Vegan Van out and about?

At the end of June, if the weather cooperates! The rain/snow has stalled us, since we can't paint. We need to paint to move the van back to our place, where we can build/equip out the box.

2. What will the Vegan Van menu look like?

Sweet and savory baked goods, and some take-home items such as nut butter cups and peppermint patties. I'd like to work with Sweet Action to offer vegan ice cream sandwiches too!

3. What inspired you to open a food truck?

I've wanted to open something veg and food oriented for many years. I really like the idea of food trucks being able to bring goods to the people, rather than having one static location that might not be accessible to everyone. This is especially true for vegetarian and vegan food - yes, veggies will actively seek something out, but if I am sitting there with a delicious vegan cupcake, a skeptic is more likely to try it. 

4. What has been the most challenging part of getting Vegan Van going? What has been the best part? (Okay, so this is really two questions.)

The worst? The weather! The van is an '86 Chevy - an old military truck, so it needs a lot of cosmetic TLC. We are doing all the work ourselves, so I have no climate-controlled warehouse. 

The best? Just visualizing the end product, and actually being able to say we created this. It's really exciting. 

5. What's your favorite place in Colorado to get a great vegan meal?

As a treat - Root Down and Leaf in Boulder. 

If I could eat there everyday - Watercourse and City O' City. I'm also a big fan of Sputnik!

Want to know more about Colorado's premier vegan food truck? Check out Westword's coverage of Vegan Van here, or get updates at the Vegan Van Facebook page or Twitter feed


Love for Leaf

Boulder vegetarian restaurant Leaf really knows how to make a meal. And while I will never forgive them for taking the barbecue seitan plate off the menu (mashed potatoes and greens and the best barbecue you have ever had!), their current menu is pretty fabulous and eases the pain. Here's what we had last week:

Fresh baked bread with rosemary olive oil. Mmm bread.

French Onion Soup!

Tofu Green Curry: light, fresh, with tons of crispy veggies.

Vegan Alfredo: they totally nailed it. So good!

Carrot Cake with tons of candied ginger. We had to take it go because did you see that alfredo? Plus, we finished the bread.

We love (and kinda hate) Leaf because their menu changes with the seasons. They always have tasty, inventive specials, the staff is super friendly, and it's a nice place to visit for lunch or dinner. Have you had their brunch? Tell us about it in the comments!