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Restaurants, Bakeries, and Cafes:

Baba's Falafel
All over!, Denver
Baba's is a falafel truck that features deep fried falafel cones, spicy nachos, falafeldillas (yeah, you heard right), as well as killer vegan tahini sauce, and their own hummus. Check out their calendar, Facebook, or Twitter to see where they are. 
Updated 2/1/14. 

Beet Box Bakery & Cafe
1030 E 22nd Ave, Denver
The illustrious all vegan Beet Box Bakery finally has a storefront and it is wonderful. The croissants and savory tarts are highly recommend. Beet Box also offers a delighful array of sandwiches, with the cremini panini being a favorite. 
Updated 2/1/14. 

Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs
2148 Larimer Street, Denver
Biker Jim's is a Denver institution, and they now offer two house-made vegan dogs: one is mild and herby, the other is spicy "with a bit of beer." Note: Last time we were there, they were out of vegan buns. Check on the bread!
Updated 3/18/12. 

Bombay Clay Oven
165 Steele Street, Denver
Indian restaurant with plenty of well marked vegan items. 
Updated 3/17/12. 

City, O' City
206 E 13th Avenue, Denver
All vegetarian restaurant with coffee and a full bar. City O' should not be missed if you are visiting Denver. The menu is almost entirely veganizable. Our favorites: Buffalo or barbecue seitan Wings, the barbecue tofu sandwich, the florentine pizza, vegan caesar salad, La Osa salad, the savory waffle, and the vegan mac and cheese. All baked goods, including cakes, cookies, bars, and pies, are from the Watercourse Bakery next door and are vegan. City, O' City recently remodeled, so there is lots more seating space!
Updated 9/9/11. 

The Crock Spot
All over!, Denver
Slow cooked food to go! The Crock Spot is a food truck that always have a vegan option, and it changes frequently. Follow them on Twitter to see where they're at.
Updated 4/28/12. 

Eden - closed
3090 Downing Street, Denver
Eden is a bar and cuisine lounge in Denver's Whittier neighborhood (a welcome addition to a neighborhood without many eating or drinking options!), which caters to women from all walks of life as well as the creative and health conscious members of the neighborhood. They have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, including a whole separate vegan menu that features tofu scramble for brunch!
Updated 2/1/14. Thanks to Michele for the tip!

Fire on the Mountain
3801 W 32nd Avenue, Denver
Fire on the Mountain is a new Highlands wing joint that offers vegan seitan wings with a ton of options for sauce that are well marked as vegan or not. They also offer vegan chicken subs for sandwiches and salads.
Updated 6/13/12. Thanks to The Gay Vegans for the tip! 

Fresh Craft
1530 Blake Street, #A, Denver
Fresh Craft specializes in craft beer and food made from scratch. The vegan options aren't super plentiful, but they're delicious and well marked. Examples include cremini tacos and veggie sliders. Bonus: they're open until midnight during the week, and 2:00am on Fridays and Saturdays. 
Update 6/6/12. 

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill
3453 W 32nd Avenue, Denver
2045 S University Boulevard, Denver
3466 S Colorado Boulevard, Denver 

Local mediterranean restaurant chain with lots of vegan options that are labeled as such. Locations all over the metro area. Build your own falafel bowl! Note: the laffa is vegan, but the white and wheat pitas contain whey. 
Updated 7/6/11.  

The Garden
3435 Albion Street, Denver
The Garden is a cafe and event space in Denver's Park Hill neighborhood that has plenty of well-marked vegan options for their Saturday and Sunday brunches. Hours are limited. 
Updated 2/16/12.  

Happy Cakes
3434 W 32nd Avenue, Denver
Bakeshop with daily vegan cupcake and bar options. They'll also do your vegan wedding cake! 
Updated 7/8/11.

Hi Rise
2162 Larimer Street, Denver
Bakery and cafe with vegan options beyond hummus-and-veggie sandwiches. There is almost always a vegan sandwich special, the soup of the day is often vegan, and there are some great vegan bagel spreads (hello cranberry cashew). Update: Hi Rise now offers vegan tofu scramble on their breakfast sandwiches! Update #2: They now have a tofu sandwich on the main menu!
Updated 9/6/11. 

Hops & Pie
3920 Tennyson Street, Denver
In the Colorado tradition of craft beer and hearty food, Hops & Pie is your source for great vegan pizza in Denver's Berkeley neighborhood. They've got a killer beer selection (so much on tap!), and offer smoked tofu and vegan cheese (Daiya) on their pizzas. 
Updated 7/20/11.  

Illegal Pete's
1530 16th Street, Denver
1736 E Evans Avenue, Denver
5312 DTC Boulevard, #400, Denver 

Colorado burrito joint with totally delicious veggie burritos and tacos. The guac is great, and you can sub potatoes for rice and beans! Yum. They also have two locations in Boulder
Updated 9/6/11.  

Izakaya Den
1518 S Pearl Street, Denver
Sushi and Japanese restaurant with good vegan options. Our favorites: the eggplant sushi and the Den Tofu Salad.
Updated 7/18/11. 

Jonesy's Eat Bar
400 E 20th Avenue, Denver
Gourmet french fries! Ask for the veg menu here and your server will bring you all the options, all clearly labeled. Start with the Thai Ginger fries and go from there. 
Updated 2/1/14.  

Karma Asian Cuisine
22 S Broadway, Denver
Most dishes at Karma are veganizable! They can almost always swap out proteins for tofu, and the veggies are are always fresh. Favorites: Drunken Noodles with Tofu (ask for no egg!) and the Black Bepper Tofu.
Updated 3/3/11. Thanks to Jen Nordhem, Rebecca Padrick, and Lacy Sorensen! 

2030 W 30th Avenue, Denver
Located in the old Olinger Mortuary, Linger has a stunning view of the city and a seasonal menu that is way vegan friendly (all vegan and veganizable items are marked as such). This is a great spot for an upscale vegan meal. 
Updated 1/15/13. 

Manna From Heaven
All over!, Denver
Manna is a Denver-based food truck that offers vegan options for their banh mis, tacos, noodle dishes, and more. Grilled veggies and vegan mayo can be subbed in nearly every sandwich. Click here to view their schedule! 
Updated 9/12/11. 

Marquis Pizza
2009 Larimer Street, Denver
Marquis is a great little pizza joint that offers both Daiya and vegan mock meats on their pizzas. Recently, they have featured seitan from the Denver Seitan Company!
Updated 3/17/12. 

Mellow Mushroom
1201 16th Street, Suite 108, Denver 
Vegan eats on the 16th Street Mall! Mellow mushroom offers great vegan pizza toppings, including Daiya, several kinds of tofu, and tempeh. A great place to go with veg-phobic friends and family. Bonus: they're open until 2:00am. 
Updated 7/6/11.  

Mercury Cafe
2199 California Street, Denver
Quirky community-oriented restaurant that has at least one vegan item on each of their menus.
Updated 7/6/11.  

Moe's Original BBQ
530 Broadway, Denver
Barbecue joint with a tofu barbecue sandwich and vegan slaw on the menu. Make sure to order it without the white sauce. The Boulder location also has the vegan sandwich. We hear the sweet tea's great, too!
Updated 6/12/12. Thanks to The Gay Vegans for the tip!

Mustard's Last Stand
2081 S University Boulevard, Denver
Hot dog stand with good vegan hot dogs, fries, and chili. Also has a location in Boulder.  
Updated 1/9/2012. 

Nectar House 
1947 S Broadway, Denver
Near vegan (keep an eye out for honey) raw cafe in a yoga studio. The rawben here is something super special! 
Updated 2/1/2014. 

Paxti's Cherry Creek 
185 Steele Street, Denver
New pizza joint that offers Daiya in a Chicago-style deep dish (if you so chose). Call in your order ahead of time and they'll start making your pizza before you even get there!
Updated 2/1/14. 

Pho Duy
945 S Federal Boulevard, Denver
This place is a total hole in the wall, but most of the best pho places are. One of the few pho restaurants in the area that offers a vegan broth.
Updated 11/19/10 by Lacy Sorensen. 

Pizza Fusion
571 E Colfax Avenue, Denver
Pizza Fusion is a nation-wide chain that boasts a 75% organic menu, and the Denver location has both Follow Your Heart and Daiya mozzarella, and vegan gluten free brownies. The pizza is real good, and the whole menu is super gluten-free-friendly. Bonus: they have Boylans soda on the fountain. Super neato fact: the Denver location is a training base for vocational rehabilitation program operated by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Full report here. 
Updated 4/28/12. 

The Populist
3163 Larimer Street, Denver
Brand new restaurant by the Crema folks, with a few killer vegan options, and a lovely atmosphere. 
Updated 11/16/12. 

Quiero Arepas
All over!, Denver
Food truck that features vegan arepas with black beans, plantains, and avocado (I know, right?!). Check their calendar to see where they're at.
Updated 5/12/11. 

The Rebellion
2231 S Broadway, Denver
Carryout pizza place with tons of vegan options. Choose from Follow Your Heart, Galaxy, or Daiya vegan cheeses, and a wide variety of vegan mock meats. Our favorite: vegan barbecue chicken pizza. There is a small patio that is open when the weather's nice. 
Updated 7/18/10.  

Root Down
1600 W 33rd Avenue, Denver
Cool restaurant with a great patio. The (delicious) vegan options are clearly marked. Our favorites: the Country Fried Tofu and the Edamame Hummus. Root Down is also great for happy hour. 
Updated 3/2/11.  

The Sesame Seed
All over!, Denver
Asian-style food truck with a menu that features items like fried tofu sandwiches with sesame peanut sauce! Schedule and menu here.
Updated 4/28/12. 

Sexy Pizza
Cap Hill: 1018 E 11th Avenue, Denver
South Pearl: 1579 S Pearl Street
Sexy Pizza is a Denver institution, and now they have vegan cheese (Daiya). Their crust and sauce is also vegan.
Updated 4/23/12. Thanks to Becca for the tip! 

Shish Kabob Grill
1503 Grant Street, Denver
Shish Kabob is rumoured to have the best hummus in Denver, and like most Mediterranean restaurants, there are plenty of vegan options. 
Updated 1/20/13.

The Shoppe
3103 E Colfax Avenue, Denver
Bakery, cereal bar, boutique, art gallery, and cartoon lounge. They have a daily vegan cupcake flavor, soy milk at the cereal bar, and they're open until 2:00am on the weekends! 
Updated 7/8/11. 

The Special
All over!, Denver
Formerly Waffleganger, this vegetarian food cart offers up gourmet options from a bright yellow box. Favorites include the potato, kale and fennel soup.
Updated 2/1/14. 

3 S Broadway, Denver
Restaurant and bar with tons of vegan options that are marked as such. Full espresso bar. Our favorites: The TLT, the Green Falafel Pita, the Banh Mi, and their amazing garlicky vegan mac and cheese.  Sweet Action is across the street, so dessert is covered!
Updated 10/16/11. 

Sub Culture
1300 Pennsylvania Street, Denver
Sub Culture is a sandwich shop with a separate vegetarian menu that goes way beyond hummus wraps: the Reuben features kraut and tempeh and vegan thousand island, and the Bangkok includes tempeh and a sweet chili sauce. They can sub (ha!) in many of the dressings and cheeses with vegan versions, so ask at the counter! The wheat bread is vegan, and customers should double check on other breads. Bonus: free bicycle delivery!
Updated 1/9/2012. 

Sweet Action
52 N Broadway, Denver
Ice cream shop with two constantly rotating vegan flavors that are made in-house and are always delicious. They have vegan ice cream cookie sandwiches as well as great popsicles and sorbet flavors. The shop has good music, good art, and a most excellent street-facing counter for people watching on broadway. Bonus: they use compostable cups and source locally whenever they can. See their Twitter page for flavor updates!
Updated 1/9/2012.   

Sushi Sasa
2401 15th Street, Denver
Sushi spot with a great atmosphere and plenty of well-marked vegan options. The Mushroom Tofu is darn good, and the Wasabi Olio Sweet Soy Grilled Artichoke (served with vegan miso aioli!) is pretty awesome. They will also put whatever you want in a sushi roll, so get creative. It doesn't say it, but the Green Dragon Roll can be done with sweet soy instead of honey, and is so, so good. PLUS VEGAN TEMPURA Y'ALL. Just be sure to ask for it vegan.
Updated 4/10/13.  

Tarasco's New Latino Cuisine
470 S Federal Boulevard, Denver
Latin food with plenty of great vegan options. In fact, The Gay Vegans say it's the best Mexican food in town!
Updated 11/16/12.  

Tokyo Joe's
1001 16th Street, Denver
1360 Grant Street, Denver
1700 E Evans Avenue, Denver

Colorado Japanese food chain with several healthy vegan options, including a build-your-own noodle or rice bowl with tofu and fresh veggies. Locations all over the metro area.
Updated 1/9/2012.   

True Food Kitchen
2880 E 2nd Avenue, Suite 101, Denver
Restaurant chain with a menu based on Dr. Andrew Weil's anti-inflammatory diet. Sounds weird, but there are a few tasty and well-marked vegan options, and much of the menu is veganizable. Gluten-free? They got you covered.
Updated 11/16/12.  

Udi's Bread Cafe
1001 17th Street, R-250, Denver (Downtown)
101 E 70th Avenue, Denver (Broadway)
7357 E 29th Avenue, Denver (Stapleton)
Udi's is a locally owned bakery and cafe chain with plenty of vegan options that can be made gluten free. The menu includes creative vegan sandwiches, soups, and salads. Each location's menu is a little different, so be sure to check them out before you visit. Additional locations in Arvada and Aurora
Updated 1/13/12. 

Vegan Van
All over!, Metro Denver
All vegan food truck serving up delicious sweet and savory treats. Visit their Facebook page or Twitter feed for location updates.
Updated 11/6/11.  

All over!, Denver
Wafflegänger is a waffle truck that does both sweet and savory, and has great vegan options. When they park at Nooch Vegan Market they do an all-vegan menu, so look out for that!
Updated 1/18/13.  

837 E 17th Avenue, Denver
All vegetarian restaurant with a menu that is almost entirely vegan or veganizable. Our favorites: Any scramble, the Peasant Sandwich, Banana Bread French Toast, the Dona Lee, the Buffalo Tofu Sandwich, the Po Boy, Country Fried Seitan. People travel from far and wide for their seitan wings. Discounts for riding your bike. Watercourse is a Denver institution, and a great spot to bring vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. Bonus: all the baked goods (including pies, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and more!) are vegan. 
Updated 7/8/11. 

Weathervane Cafe
1725 E 17th Avenue, Denver
Coffee shop and cafe with plenty of vegan options, including breakfast samosa burritos and TLTs. They also have Beet Box vegan sweets (like donuts, woohoo!). 
Updated 1/15/13. 

Wynkoop Brewing Company
1634 18th Street, Denver
Denver's oldest brewpub! The Wynkoop has several vegan and veganizable dishes on the menu, including a great hummus plate, Vegetarian Chicken Cacciatore (ask for no cheese), Quinoa Vegetable Salad, a house-made veggie burger (check on the bread), and Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake. Bonus: there's lots of great Colorado beer on tap. 
Updated 3/3/11. 

Yard House
1555 Court Place, Denver
Yard House is a chain restaurant that specializes in American food and draft beer. They have a whole menu dedicated to Gardein chicken and beef substitutes. Many of the options seem vegan or veganizable, but Yard House corporate won't call them vegan, because they can't guarantee that all cooking utensils and surfaces are vegan, or something. Local vegans and Yard House servers swear that the dishes are as vegan as any other non-vegan restaurant, but because of all the corporate weirdness (they gave us the same response), we'll leave it up to you. There's a location in Lakewood, as well. 
Updated 4/23/12.

Grocery Stores and Markets:

Marczyk Fine Foods
770 E 17th Avenue, Denver
Marczyk is known for their meat and deli, but they also have a lovely produce section that features veggies from small, local farms; great bakery bread; soymilk, tofu, tempeh, and vegan yogurt in the cold case; and vegan treats like Amy's pizzas, and locally made Cows Gone Coconut Ice Cream in the freezer. They also have a great wine shop, and a selection of fancy pants pastas, oils, and spices.
Updated 10/16/11. 

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage
2033 S Colorado Boulevard, Denver
2375 15th Street, Denver
5231 Leetsdale Drive, Denver

Natural Grocers is a Colorado-based natural grocery store chain with tons of locations throughout the state. You can find your standard vegan goods at Natural Grocers (Vegenaise, Earth Balance, etc), as well harder to find items and prepared meals and sandwiches in the deli case. Their produce is almost entirely organic, and they frequently source from local farms. 
Updated 10/16/11. 

Nooch Vegan Market
3360 Larimer Street, Denver
Nooch is Denver's all-vegan grocery! They've got a ton of hard-to-find vegan specialty items, as well as snack foods and kitchen basics like olive oil, pasta, and some produce. 
Updated 1/15/13.

Whole Foods Market
Cap Hill: 900 E 11th Avenue, Denver
Cherry Creek: 23 E 1st Avenue, Denver
Tamarac: 7400 E Hampden Avenue, Denver
Washington Park: 1111 S Washington Street, Denver
Wherever you are in the country, you can rely on Whole Foods for a decent vegan meal. Most Denver locations have vegan donuts in the bakery case, and the Cap Hill store has some of the best chocolate chip cookies you've ever had. The Cherry Creek and Tamarac stores have pretty great vegan options in the deli and on the hot bar.
Updated 10/16/11. 

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